G-Flex Modular MCC

When technology or user requirements change - so does G-Flex


G-Flex is a modular MCC that provides an efficient solution for design and through-life equipment changes.

Its flexible internal structure can be rapidly reconfigured allowing functional units to be modified any number of times over its lifetime.

Design and specification changes can be accommodated during build, equipment changes during operation, improving flexibility and asset management for process operators.

G-Flex provides an off the shelf solution for a broad cross section of Form 4 motor control requirements, and is available for the same price as fixed pattern steelwork. 

  • Adjustable internal layout – for maximum flexibility
  • Welded external structure – strength of bespoke construction 
  • In-service modification – with no cutting, grinding, welding or repainting
  • Available in 600mm (depth), 800mm, 900mm and 1100mm standard units for current ratings up to 6300A
  • Front and rear access versions
  • Standard module sizes - 225mm and 300mm 
  • Reusable enclosure – 90% of steel remains unaltered
  • Extended operational life – 50% or 10 years extra life 

Functional unit changeover

Functional units can be easily changed, here two DOL starters units are reconfigured to a single VSD unit simply by removing the internal section divider and changing the door.

Functional unit changeover

Watch the Changeover

Modular Design

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