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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Introduction: General Panel Systems Ltd and GPS Links Ltd provide control and automation systems for process industries, employing a skilled engineering workforce across mechanical and electrical design, manufacturing, software, test and systems integration disciplines.

Operating under a single management system, both companies are committed to being safe, ethical and sustainable businesses that serve their customers efficiently and professionally, and operate with respect for people and the environment.

Objective: To minimise the environmental impact of our business operations.

Policy: GPS and GPS Links will manage the environmental risks of its manufacturing and site operations to prevent pollution, manage wastes, and incorporate sustainability principles in to new product development that contribute to the aggregate of customer targets. The companies will conduct environmental risk assessments, monitor performance and carry out training where appropriate.

Target: Our target is a pollution free process, with zero-harm to the environment. As a business with no significant environmental risks recorded in its Aspects Register the practical aim is to improve sustainability and resource efficiency by reducing carbon emissions, consumption of resources, and the creation of wastes to the lowest possible levels.

Responsibility: The directors of GPS and GPS Links are responsible for environmental performance and ensuring that the duty of care is properly exercised.

Compliance: GPS and GPS Links comply with all relevant legislation and regulation, and operate an Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001-2015.

Competence: All employees are made aware of their environmental obligations and are required to observe waste hierarchy principles. Those engaged in activities with identifiable environmental risks or impacts receive appropriate training.

Continual improvement: GPS and GPS Links seek to reduce the carbon footprint through manufacturing efficiencies, energy efficient designs and technologies, and resource monitoring that informs decision making on opportunities for reductions.

Policy approved by Nigel Harrison Managing Director of GPS and GPS Links: 4 May 2021

UKAS accredited ISO Management

UKAS accredited ISO management systems ensure our legal compliance, business conduct and operating procedures meet the high standards required by our customers.

UKAS accredited ISO Management
ISO management systems

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