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Configure your MCC

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MCC Configurator - improved data and usability

Six months in service and we’ve had great feedback on our MCC configurator from customers and a broad range of users in process and manufacturing industries - underlining how important sizing and cost comparison is at the early planning stage of a project.

In response we’ve updated some features to provide improved data and usability.

Sizing data now includes depth and a M2 footprint calculation to provide more certainty on plant room fit, and changes to panel sizes when specifications change.

For cost comparison purposes the budget price is now displayed on screen in real time, showing a running total as the design builds, allowing users to experiment with different configurations and compare cost in the same session.

And, we’ve added a save function to aid design progression, which generates a link that allows users to revisit their configurations to develop the design over multiple sessions, and share them with colleagues as they evolve.