App Help

Get Started

  1. Log in - to access the full functionality and technical / cost data 
  2. Enter your project name in the dialogue box and click next - this will generate a blank tier and automatically save the design to your personal library / dashboard
  3. Click the ‘MCC Specification’ button - select busbar rating, access and cable entry requirements. This will determine panel depth and component menus
  4. Use the ‘Configuration’ menu – select the required design...
    1. Linear – in line design is the default setting
    2. L Shape – end section with corner panel (see below for detailed help)
    3. U Shape – add start and end with corner section (see below for detailed help)


  1. Select components from the ‘Cubicle’ menu - drag and drop incomers, starters and drives in to the first tier ensuring there is enough space below the component to fit
  2. Add a process specific cubicle label –  double click the cubicle to bring up the menu and enter the label you require
  3. Add a tier – click the ‘+’ button to the right of the configuration to add the next tier 
  4. Insert a tier within a configuration - select the tier to the right of the required insertion point and click the  '<' button above, the new tier will be inserted to the left 
  5. Delete a tier – select the tier and click the ‘+’ button above it. Or delete the individual cubicles
  6. Delete a cubicle – select the cubicle and click the ‘x’ icon top right
  7. Change a cubicle - delete the content in the destination cubicle and drag and drop the replacement from the cubicle menu, or move from an existing tier
  8. Add a section - click the ‘Sections’ button, click 'Add', each new section is added below the predecessor
  9. Delete a section – click the ‘x’ icon in the ‘Configuration’ menu
  10. Change the MCC specification - select edit from the ‘Main Menu’ to change ratings and access specifications, the configurator will recalculate accordingly
  11. Change the ICA specification - double click the cubicle to bring up the menu, amend and save
  12. Create an L shape design – select ‘end with corner section’ from the ‘Configuration menu’, once populated click ‘Sections’ to add section B
  13. Create a U shape design – there are two ways. If you wish to start in the middle, select ‘start and end with a corner section’, populate, then add the left and right sections. Alternatively, create a ‘Linear’ section, then select ‘end with a corner section’ to create section B, and again for C
  14. Correctly locate components that require glanding – components such as large VSDs and Feeders must touch the bottom of the tier to be adjacent to the glanding chamber.


Using the main menu and function buttons on the top navigation bar…

  1. Save configuration – click ‘Save’ button 
  2. Export to PDF– click ‘Export’ button
  3. Review and update designs – access your design library via the ‘Dashboard’ in the main menu
  4. Delete or duplicate a saved configuration - in dashboard, select file and click '3 dot' icon to bring up menu
  5. Create new design – select ‘New Design’ from the main menu
  6. Report an error or usability problem – click the GPS logo to return to the main website and complete the form in the ‘Contact’ page

Minimum System Requirements 

There’s no need to download or install any software on your computer to use the GPS configurator, just navigate to in your preferred web browser and log in to your account.

Compatible web browsers
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Safari (7 and above)
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer (11) - Note: Limited Support

Web browser settings - If you’re seeing unexpected behaviour, here are some things you can check...

Enable cookies - Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser so all parts of our application work as expected.

Enable pop-ups and JavaScript - Pop-ups and JavaScript should be enabled in your browser, so you can view errors, alerts, and preview screens.

Set your screen resolution - The minimum screen resolution should be set to 1024 x 768. If you're using a netbook, try setting the resolution to 1200 x 800 if things appear out of place.

Check your web browser add-ons - In some cases, browser add-ons, extensions, ad blockers, or plugins can interfere with the functionality of our application. You may want to disable these extras or try a browser without them.