Technical excellence Value for money

GPS’s technical competence and build quality ensure predictable delivery, high reliability, and lower whole life costs.

Commercial value

GPS aims to deliver 'best value' for its customers based on dependable build quality, predictable programme, and competitive pricing.

Honed over 45 years operating in highly competitive industrial sectors and long-term framework contracts in regulated utilities GPS has driven technical innovations that combine to break the premise of the conventional quality-time-cost value model of 'choose any two'.

MCC Configurator - The G-Builder configurator provides a design-costing tool for early-stage scoping sizing and feasibility.

Modular design steelwork - G-Flex Modular can accommodate through-life changes and technology updates that allow extend functionality, repurposing and life extension. 

Standard electrical designs - More than 500 standard designs for starters incomers and feeders provide repeatable designs detailed for CNC fabrication down to the last punch hole.

Standard DfMA design - Reduced to four main components and built under factory-controlled conditions DfMA designed plantrooms reduce on-site installation to half a day.

Beyond project delivery, we provide realistically priced maintenance and support services that help our customers comply with BS 6423 standards for the maintenance and modification of switchgear and controlgear.

Factory tour

Take the factory tour - from the comfort of your desk.


Cost reduction

Understanding our customers need to ‘do more for less’ all GPS product development and project management processes address cost reduction from the outset.

We provide technical support throughout the tender process, contribute to Tier 1 value engineering processes, and apply our own reliability engineering and innovation processes.

Early involvement in a project can add significant value in terms of product design that offers no-build and reduced shutdown options. Our front-end technical evaluation process helps to minimise design revisions and variation costs later on. And, our integrated approach to hardware-software development, and manufacturing, reduce the risk of programme delays.


Instant budget cost and outline design for your project

UKAS accredited ISO management systems

UKAS accredited ISO management systems ensure our legal compliance, business conduct and operating procedures meet the high standards required by our customers.