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DfMA construction

DfMA modular engineering

Packaged LV plantrooms

GPS supply a range of pre-engineered pre-packaged LV plantrooms that transform the project delivery model in terms of time, cost and quality.

Second generation all modular design presents a scalable, repeatable and cost-effective solution for power distribution and process control units up to 12 metres.


DfMA breaks the 'any two' mould, optimising programme delivery, cost and quality.

Reduced cost – a modular product eliminates repeat design costs, reduces the steelwork cost, and reduces costs for project management, prelims and site manhours – offering a substantial saving versus construction of a traditional plantroom. Multiple deployment establishes a consistent asset base that benefits from reduced maintenance costs.

Faster project delivery – DfMA installationis restricted to lifting the kiosk in to position and bolting it to the base, massively reducing on-site working time against a conventional install from two weeks to half a day, with a corresponding improvement in exposure to health and safety risks.

High quality and reliability – pairing of the MCC with the kiosk and the electrical fit out are carried out under factory-controlled conditions that ensure consistently high build quality.

Reduced risk - construction site health and safety risks are massively reduced by DfMA. The MCC is protected from weather and accidental damage during install and reduced time on site materially reduces programme vulnerabilities. The raised kiosk also mitigates environmental risks on sites susceptible to flooding.

  • Dedicated DfMA fit out bay
  • Loading 10m kiosk at GPS
  • Craning in to position on site
  • Delivery and install completed in 4.5 hours
  • 12m raft and sub-frame
  • MCC section 2 lifted in to place
  • Kiosk delivered to GPS same day
  • Kiosk lift
  • Completed DfMA Plantroom

Dedicated DfMA fit out bay.


DfMA operations

GPS established a dedicated part of the factory for the DFMA process in 2020. Since then the design has evolved considerably following customer feedback and market demand for the product. There are 4 major elements to the process. The steel frame, the MCC, the kiosk and the electrical installation of the kiosk.

Steel Frame: The steel frame has been designed in modular format 3m deep with module widths of 1m and 2m. The whole design has been developed in conjunction with a steelwork specialist and structural engineers, which enabled us to remove approximately 40% of the steel used in earlier models, and has no central support legs to improve access for the electrical installer on site. The modular design means that a design is not required for every site providing a significant saving to the project.

MCC & Kiosk: The MCC is normally manufactured using GPS G-Flex Modular steelwork that gives total flexibility of design. Once the steel base is erected in the factory the MCC is craned onto the steelwork and bolted to the structure. Once the MCC is fixed in place the GRP kiosk is craned over the panel and fixed into position.

Electrical Installation: The kiosk electrical installation is completed in the factory, with all power and communication panels connected and tested with the MCC prior to dispatch.

Delivery: Once the system is tested and signed off by the client the entire unit currently up to 12m in length is craned onto an HGV and transported to site.

Once on site the whole process is reversed and the entire unit is craned onto the prepared concrete slab, ready for the electrical cable installer to complete the site cabling.

Environmental gain

Made possible by reusable steelwork and reconfigurable functional units, the G-Flex modular MCC plantroom delivers environmental gains where extended operation defers the re-manufacture of LV assemblies by up to 10 years, avoiding CO2 emissions from energy intensive steel and copper production processes capable of achieving a 30% net lifetime saving that contribute to net zero targets. 

Kiosks can be repurposed or relocated to extend the operating life of the asset.

The MCC and kiosk frame are suitable for end of life recycling, and the option of a metal kiosk make the entire unit 100% recyclable.

UKAS accredited ISO Management

UKAS accredited ISO management systems ensure our legal compliance, business conduct and operating procedures meet the high standards required by our customers.

UKAS accredited ISO Management
ISO management systems

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