GPS is now fully operational again, with all manufacturing and commercial teams functioning normally.

The company has conducted a Covid-19 risk assessment and implemented health and safety measures to protect its employees, which meet or exceed government guidelines, including…

Health monitoring: staff access to the building is restricted to one entrance to ensure all employees have their temperature checked, collect appropriate PPE and sanitize their hands on arrival.

Social Distancing: individual safe zones have been created, a minimum of 2 Meters apart and marked out, which may not be accessed by co-workers. A one-way system with distance markers has been established throughout the premises. And, barriers have been erected to maintain distancing for high-traffic functions such as Stores. Special arrangements are in place for workers with pre-existing health conditions who are assessed as vulnerable.

PPE: all staff have been issued and re-supplied with PPE including face mask, eye protection, face shield and gloves, to be used in roles/tasks where distancing is not viable, and any time that staff members leave their personal safe zone.

Shielding: Perspex screens have been erected throughout the factory and offices as an additional control measure.

Disinfecting and hand sanitising: all staff are personally responsible for disinfecting their safe zone and using hand sanitiser using the materials supplied.

Hygiene protocols: in addition to upweighted industrial hygiene-cleaning, use of kitchens has been suspended, any food consumed on the premises must be in disposable packaging to avoid sharing of communal cooking utensils and washing up, disposable cups are provided for the same reason. All food must must be consumed outside the building or inside safe zones, with canteens reduced to one person per table for the use of those without designated spaces.

Working from home: office-based staff that can work from home continue to do so.

Working on-site: hygiene protocols have been established for staff using company vehicles and those who have elected to work on site.

At risk personnel: staff with underlying health conditions, or who live with people that have unerlying conditions, who may not be able to return to work safely will remain on furlough.