GPS has launched an advanced version of its MCC Configurator that delivers a step change in design capability and usability for sizing and costing low voltage assemblies.

Drag and drop makes the configuration process fast and highly flexible, with the ability to rapidly compile a base design, then add delete move or change functional units, or make panel wide changes to rating and access specifications, with weight dimensions and budget totals shown in real time as the design evolves.

Design options have been extended to include L and U shape configurations to provide a realistic assessment of plant room fit; and the ability to add project specific process-function labels to cubicles.

Users can create a personal design library with general arrangement drawings securely saved in a password protected area, which can be updated as the project evolves.    

Managing Director Nigel Harrison said “drag and drop brings a massive improvement in usability which speeds up design and makes it easy to change layouts or compare alternatives options, and it produces very accurate estimating data”.

The G-Builder MCC Configurator is based on GPS’s G-Flex Modular MCC, designed to be updateable, with the ability to resize and reconfigure functional units to extend operating life.

Configurator demonstrations are available via Teams video. Please contact Mark Penny to book a time.