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Celebrating G-Flex 100

GPS has completed its 100th G-Flex MCC since launch in 2016.

The modular design has proved successful due to its ability to manage change and reduce the cost of modifications and redundancy; and now makes up around 95% of GPS MCC output.

Recognising the speed at which technology and user requirements change in manufacturing and process industries, G-Flex allows functional units to be reconfigured and equipment updated while retaining 90% of the original steelwork, reducing the cost of redundancy or early MCC replacement.

The extended life of the enclosure also delivers some environmental gain, deferring re-manufacture by up to ten years avoids CO2 emissions of around 4.8 tonnes* in producing the steel for the average 10m unit; savings equivalent to the annual emissions of approximately four cars*.

The 100th unit is destined for a waste water treatment plant, its predecessors have been supplied for varied applications including china clay refining, biogas production and desalination.

In less than three years since the protype was announced G-Flex has evolved to offer four configurations; front access, rear access, back to back and withdrawable; in four sizes 600mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1100mm; with a library of type tested modular blocks, capable of meeting around 80% of standard motor control requirements.

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*World Steel Association / UK DfT figures